L L Power Tech Logistics Services We are committed to delivering quality solution services to our customers. C . . L L Power Tech Logistics Services Petroleum & Logistics Supply Chain Solutions that fulfill your project’s needs. C . . L L Power Tech Logistics Services As a single-source provider for your entire logistics and fuel requirement. C . .
Welcome to PTLS LLC

Learn more about our operation team.

We are a team of national & international experts with a broad network and experienced in Fuel & Logistics supply services. Our team has developed an exemplary reputation for the delivery of successful projects. In addition, we are committed to consistent implementation of integrated quality services and strict adherence to business norms and regulations.

Our Vision Our Mission

To be one of the leading integrated logistics solutions providers in the area of core competencies, by managing the complexities of our customer’s requirements and expectations.

To maintain our success through delivering quality services and exceeding customers’ expectations by providing cost-effective and sustainable solutions, and to invest in our business & services expansions, and extraordinary attention to Reliability, Accuracy, innovation, and provide opportunities for our country fellowmen.

Discover Our Services

We are exceptionally positioned to supply logistical services solutions with extensive networks. We supplied Fuel and Logistical solutions to national & international organizations for decades. We also have several logistic services that complement your requirements. PTLS is the most comfortable offering the apprehensive range of logistical services for your project’s requirement, as we can manage procurement solutions from the negotiations and contracting stage up until the final delivery and payment to support clients sourcing high-quality goods and services locally and internationally.

Project Management

Our team is equipped with skills and experience required to manage and deliver our client's program management goals, and to meet the expectations.

Trading Solution Services

We provide holistic solutions from local and international suppliers in the form of material, equipment, products and services.

Logistics and Supply Chain

Our global networks enable us to deliver customized multi-modal logistics solution that complement your requirement.

Fuel Supply

We are an independent fuel distributor, our quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction allowed us to grow and become a preferred supplier in the area.

ICT Solutions

We are able to provide fully integrated ICT products and services with the appropriate front-end and back-end infrastructure for our clients.

Facilities and Life Support

PTLS specialized in procuring Life Support materials and equipment services as well as high-comfort facilities to maximize your productivity.
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