About us

Power Tech Logistic Services (PTLS) is a private company headquartered in Kabul, providing a wide range of logistic services to both national and international organizations and private sector companies in Afghanistan. PTLS believes in delivering quality services aimed at the success of your organization by efficiently utilizing the expertise of our domestic and international experts with years of experience in various sectors and across a broad range of national and international markets.

The key aim of PTLS is to establish and maintain a long-term relationship with our clients and customers. This fact is reflected in the mentioned corporate motto: “Our team for your efficiency”, always emphasizing efficient and top-ranking logistic services as our company prepares tailor-made solutions for each customer and their needs. Therefore, among other things, extraordinary attention is paid to Reliability, Accuracy, innovation, and continuous development of technologies and processes.

As a single-source provider for all of your logistics and fuel requirement, we have number of services that complement to your requirements