Facilities and Life Support

Facilities & Life Support Services

PTLS offers safe and secure turnkey solutions in procurement Management, Power Generation and Maintenance, Catering, Security, and Maintenance Services for remote locations and austere environments.

We specialized in procuring and providing Life Support materials and equipment services as well as long-term and high-comfort facilities to maximize your productivity. The services include all phases of design, construction, and operation including site survey, containerized and non-containerized building upgrades, air conditioning, power generators, and security construction; communications, Internet, entertainment, ICT solutions, and satellite TV installation; waste treatment, refuse and black water removal; transportation and all equipment procurement and full maintenance capabilities.

Construction Services 

PTLS provides integrated construction materials, tools and equipment and we have helped and consulted on complex projects of all types and sizes. We have established a strong record of accomplishment in helping customers maximize building function, create safe and sustainable systems, reduce expenditure, and ensure all systems adhere to the required codes.