Fleet and Transportation

Fleet & Transportation

PTLS has a trusted transportation team providing transportation services based in various locations throughout Afghanistan. We offer a comprehensive local transportation service, including the collection and delivery of goods and equipment. We operate and lease a wide-ranging fleet of vehicles and heavy equipment ready to be deployed as per the unique requirements of our clients while ensuring the proper documentation, licensing, and periodic maintenance checks.

Our tankers and trucks consist of insulated and non-insulated trailers that are able to transport many types of standard and bio-fuels, Oil & lubricants, LPG including food & general logistical supplies, and elevated temperature products.

We also offer a wide range of armored vehicles to the national and international organizations within Afghanistan, we approach the needs and requirements of our clients, PTLS supplies armored vehicle lease and rental services that guarantee safety and security while offering peace of mind, including servicing and replacement parts for all varieties of armored vehicle.

Our mission is to deliver our shipments safely and efficiently and seek to serve mankind with the highest spirit of integrity, safeguard lives by delivering quality products, making transport safer and life easier.