Fuel Supply

Fuel Supply, Storage & Distribution Services

PTLS is an independent fuel distributor, our quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction allowed us to grow and become a preferred supplier in the area. We have been in the Fuel business since 2009, and we are the pioneers in our industry, with years of experience developing and operating customized fuel transportation, fuel storage services, and fuel pump stations. Our extensive quality control procedures maintain product quality against local regulations and internationally recognized standards such as API ASTM, ISO Standard & European EN590 standards.

We can provide you with the highest quality petroleum products at the most competitive price in the market. Whether you are an end-user or reseller of fuel, You want value. You want consistency and reliability. You need quality fuels backed by a company you can count on. We deliver the quality products, value-added services, and cost-effective pricing you are looking for. We are well-positioned to supply bulk to customers through our extensive network of terminals located across the country. We also offer you a variety of programs and services to help you, manage your fuel purchases, fuel orders, and quantity calibrations with an experienced and customer-focused staff.

Fuel Storage Facility

From our continuously expanding network of physical stores in the country, and through our extensive storage facilities, we can offer uninterrupted service to our clients, in any locations across the country at any convenient time.

We are also one of the leading importers, suppliers and distributers of bulk Diesel, Gasoline, Kerosene, Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), Aviation Fuel, Oil, and Lubricant products following the local & international specifications, providing quality fuel products of international standards with tested and proven supply chain capabilities and logistics. These products include both commercial and military specifications. We are also able to supply more specialized products and specifications to our customers, subject to availability.

Services Include

We also offer a full set of services such as procuring fuel flow meters, spare parts, cleaning, inspection, calibration, and maintenance services. The following are examples of static equipment that we have supplied and commissioned for our clients around the country.

  • Fuel Storage Tanks Double-skinned, Containerized, Single Skinned Available in Any Size.
  • Refueling Modules – Containerized / Skid-Mounted
  • Forecourt-Style Pumps and self-service Units,
  • Complete Fuel Farm Installations
  • Complete Fuel Set Filtration Equipment
  • Standard USA Brand Fuel Flow Meter