ICT Solutions

ICT Solutions Services

We are an experienced ICT solution provider; we endeavor to service all businesses in the ICT industry including resellers, and computer retailers with the need to offer quality, efficient, real-time solutions to national and international organizations in Afghanistan. Importantly, PTLS has established strategic partnerships and joined-ventured with a broad range of leading IT Service Company that have increased the necessary expertise and know-how to undertake the above-mentioned jobs efficiently putting quality ahead, giving our clients customer satisfaction.

PTLS differentiates itself from its competitors by its expertise in Supply Chain Management. We can source equipment from leading suppliers including Apple, Dell, IBM, Microsoft, Cisco, Avaya, Symantec, HP, and Watch Guard, APC, and Veritas. The strategic implementation of Just in Time Delivery offers scheduled deliveries and efficient service provides rapid warranty replacement.

We also offer a wide range of ICT solutions from Web & applications development, Web solutions; i.e. Domain registration and hosting, and Application development all these can be implemented in a wide range of customization to suit the requirements of organizations. Others include point of sale software, Biometric time attendance finger printers, Servers, system installations & management, Computer/Laptops repair, Servicing & Maintenance, Networking on Local area networks & Wide area network solutions such as Point to point, and etc.

Provision of hands-on assistance, training on applications,  software and hardware installations/re-installations & repairs, troubleshooting, virus removal, operating systems upgrading & re-installations, printer servicing, graphic design, internet marketing, and any ICT related consultancy is requested.

Through our long-standing and extensive partnerships with the ICT Service Company, we are able to provide and deploy products and services with the appropriate front-end and back-end infrastructure for our clients. We go a step further to provide efficient management tools for these devices to ensure that the user experience, as well as the management task of these devices, is pleasant and seamless.

Supply of ICT equipment such as:

  • Computers,
  • Laptops,
  • Tablets & Smart Phones
  • CCTV Camera System
  • Digital Cameras
  • Digital & Smart Televisions
  • Printers and accessories supplies
  • Servers and accessories
  • Networking devices such as Access points, Switches, and Routers
  • Network Backup Solutions NAS
  • Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPSs)

In addition, a host of other products and related peripherals, we provide as a means to solve our customer’s business problems in the most suitable and cost-effective manner.

PTLS offers various networking solutions:

  • Local Area Network Setup (Structured Cabling)
  • Local Area Network Maintenance
  • Wide Area Network Solutions e.g. P2Pconnections; IP-Sec etc.
  • Network Load Balancing
  • Wireless Platforms
  • Network Monitoring System and Management
  • Network Security
  • Server solutions

We also provide installing Structured Network Cabling Solutions services, and end-to-end solutions complete with switching. We have the capacity to deliver complete unified communications solutions and install copper cabling (1G to 10G bandwidths) complete with cable enclosures and trunking.

Our goal is to ensure our ICT solution and outsourcing service appropriately integrate into your business strategy, as it stands today and as it evolves over time that enable us to tailor our ICT services, delivering quality services, upgraded products, that fully match your particular requirement, and business strategy. In short, we power your business.