Logistics and Supply Chain

Logistics & Supply Chain Solutions

We are exceptionally positioned to supply General Logistical Services Solutions with extensive networks, as we have supplied Fuel and Logistical solutions to national & international organizations for decades. As a single-source provider for your entire logistics and fuel requirement. We also have several services that complement your requirements. PTLS is most comfortable offering the apprehensive range of logistical services in Afghanistan.

We can manage procurement solutions from the negotiations and contracting stage up until the final delivery and payment to support clients sourcing high-quality goods and services locally and internationally.

Our General Logistics Supply Services Include:

  • Fuel Supply & Services
  • Oil, and Lubrication Products
  • Propane Gas (LPG)
  • Coal Supply
  • Cotton
  • ICT Solution & Services
  • Power Generators & Services
  • Office Automation and Stationary
  • Furniture & Home Appliances for Conferences, Hotels, House, & Offices
  • Foodstuff bulk Services
  • Modern Kitchen Equipment (DFAC) & Catering
  • Portable Accommodation like House skid, Tents, etc.
  • Civilian and military Uniforms
  • Security Upgrade, Hiesco, Sandbag, and Guard Tower, etc.
  • Armored Vehicles for Rental/Sales & Repairing Services
  • Electronics Items, Televisions, Heater, Air Conditioner, Fan, Fridge & freezers, etc.
  • Constructions Wood, Wood Logs, Pallet available in different sizes, Cement, construction Materials and Equipment.
  • Swage removal services.
  • Portable Toilets, VIP Toilets, Mobile Restroom, & Toilet Sperry.

We are also able to provide comprehensive transportation and logistics solutions for both local and international companies operating in Afghanistan. Our team is committed to supporting the seamless operations of clients through the safe and timely transport, handling, and storage of equipment and goods. Our client-centric and cost-efficient solutions ensure that the valuable time and resources of our clients are focused on their core business activities.

We specialize in project logistics and procuring just about any type of equipment for any industrial or business entity, regardless of weight and dimensions.

Examples of heavy equipment:

  • Construction plant and equipment
  • Power transformers & Power Generators
  • Accommodation units
  • Mining & drilling equipment

Logistical Management

The most routine aspect of procuring and moving products has become a mission-critical issue in austere environments. Reliable communications, transportation, and storage of materials or the simple delivery of an envelope often require planning and procedures to ensure continuous operations and flow of people and materials. PTLS’s multi-disciplinary logistics and supply chain management capabilities are customized to the requirements of our clients and the environment in which they operate, whether traditional or high-risk operations. We have developed relationships with strategic partners who assist us to securely transporting, importing or exporting, and warehousing and distributing cargo and equipment into various areas of operations.

Our Logistical Support Services include:

  • Supply Chain Management
  • Sourcing and Procurement
  • Import and Export
  • Air, Ground, and Sea Shipping
  • Customs clearance, Permits & Licensing
  • Warehousing
  • Inventory Management and Distribution
  • Vehicle Maintenance and Fleet Management

PTLS’s senior management combines their years of business experience and established and diverse network of international and local business partners; and best practices in logistics management to design custom solutions for every client objective.

Let us be your supplier and let PTLS be a part of your team, contact us today to discuss your logistical needs and requirements. We are able to maintain a responsive and agile approach to quality service delivery in supporting the success of your projects and solving your logistical challenges.