Trading Solution Services

Trading Services

As an approved importer, distributer, and supplier to the majority of organizations operating within Afghanistan, PTLS provided a wide range of products and services to both Local and International entities over the past decades. We have established a strong track record in serving, thus we work in close partnership with our principals to ensure our employees are fully trained to provide wide-ranging operational and support import and export services.

PTLS’s procurement and commercial departments provides holistic solutions from local and international suppliers in the form of general logistics material, equipment, and services provided as needed and in the most cost-effective and timely manner. Our company has built strong relationships with multiple leading freight-forwarding providers offering air, land, and sea freight solutions, including all customs clearance and import & export procedures. We further provide after-sales support, with dedicated resources that provide the appropriate follow-up whether in the form of general logistic supply, spare parts, or maintenance services.

Wholesale Logistics Services

Power Tech logistics Services offers fully integrated multi-modal solutions for procuring all types of bulk products such as Wheat Flour, Sugar, Salt, Cement, Coal, Pine Wood, and Cotton. Our company can help you meet the challenging demands of doing business across the worldwide. We handle the required product procurement, storage, timely delivery and distribution complying with the highest quality and service standards.

Having the import and export industries most experienced team with over years of combined experience means you can have confidence in our ability to provide you with knowledge and insight of this fast-paced business.

PTLS has been importing the product directly from leading manufacturer’s countries such as Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan. Our core focus is on the production of the products and ingredients that exceed expectation in quality, and cost. We are in the streamlining supply chain processes through our innovative inventory & delivery systems. Products are readily available and accessible for expedited deliveries. Our system promotes consistency in supply and products conformity. We have stringent quality controls in place that are maintained from the sourcing of the products and all the way through to final product delivery.

If you require outsourcing Logistical Supplies, we analyze your logistics challenges and business needs to provide a customized solution. We have decades of experience managing supply chains for companies of all sizes, and our team is ready to step in so you can focus on your core business.

Our custom clearance service involves ensuring that goods are cleared through customs of their country of destination and the service includes handling all the necessary paperwork involved in clearing customs or working with our extensive networks to clear foreign customs as needed.

PTLS’s Trading Department operates out of its regional office in Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, and through Dubai and United States.