Working Policy

Working Policy

PTLS is a non-governmental and non-political company, carrying out its business activities according to the Afghanistan constitution and International Business Trade Rules & Regulations. We place great emphasis on ensuring that the products contracted to provide are “on-spec.” We apply rigor and attention to detail throughout our entire process, including the application of our quality control procedures, supplier vetting, and product testing.

Safety / Security

We believe that safety & security is of the utmost importance. We rely on safety to drive our productivity and aid in providing high-quality service by maintaining safe operating procedures at all times, our corporation can provide great value to our customers and keep our valued employees as safe as possible. We provide continuous innovative training and industry-related education to all employees to handle challenges with ease. With all the new technology available, we still feel it is both necessary and viable for our operation to conduct frequent face-to-face training and retraining sessions with our employees. Training is part of our business, which allows us to safely accomplish yours. PTLS is also providing Personal Protective Equipment “PPE” in each project & DBA Insurance.

Quality Services

PTLS is well known for setting new standards and meeting global challenges and we are an ISO certified services provider resolved to give quality services reliably, at a sensible cost, and to ceaselessly enhance the same to enchant clients on a reasonable premise.